Building capacity

The impact of dialogue and advocacy in Tanzania

Business membership organisations, policy makers, academics and others are interested in whether dialogue and advocacy makes any difference to public policy. In Tanzania, a programme originally known as Business Environment Strengthening Tanzania - Advocacy Component (BEST-AC) and then renamed as BEST-Dialogue supported business membership organisations with training, mentoring and grant aid. BEST-Dialogue was launched in 2005 and ended in 2018. Four reports that give some idea of its impact, together with its final annual report, are available here and much more is available at the BEST-Dialogue archive

Resu;ts  framework
Impact assessment
Impact write up case studies: These case studies highlight 16 projects undertaken by 12 business membership organisations in Tanzania.
Impact assessment
Longitudinal impact assessment: BEST-D was followed over a period of five years to assess its impact. This is the last of six reports, one baseline and five annual, which demonstrate that BMOs were able to have significant impact.
Impact assessment
LIA case studies: Some of the BMOs and advocacy projects followed by the LIA were written up as short case studies. They are available here.
Annual report 2017-18
Annual report 2017-2018: Provides highlights from the last full year of BEST-D operations and, importantly, summarises some of the lessons.